Equipment Leasing

Let us help you with your SMT Assembly Challenges.

Get your SMT Assembly Equipment up and running quickly with flexible Leasing Options for stencil printers, pick & place systems, and reflow ovens for surface mount assembly.

We can help you with your SMT assembly challenges. We have over 30 years of experience in setting up these systems, servicing and supporting them. DDM Novastar manufactures a range of manual and automatic stencil printers, pick & place systems; benchtop, conveyorized and batch reflow ovens, and other equipment to meet all of your SMT assembly requirements. This high-tech quality equipment offers customers a highly economical, yet extremely efficient way of manufacturing their SMT assemblies.

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Examples of Leasing Options for Turnkey SMT Assembly Lines:

SMT Turnkey Assembly Lines Low Monthly Rates*
Manual SMT Prototyping - SPR-10, MPP-21GF-B-HT $195 - $292 /month
Manual Low Volume Assembly - SPR-25, MPP-21, GF-12HT $350 - $476 /month
Entry Level with Auto Pick and Place - SPR-10, CS40, GF-B-HT $432 - $661 /month
Auto SMT Low Volume/Prototyping - SPR-45, LE40, GF-12HT $681 - $972 /month
Auto Medium Volume SMT Production - SPR-45, LS60, 1800HT $972 - $1555 /month


Get low monthly leasing on Wave Soldering, Reflow Ovens & Selective Soldering Equipment:

Wave Soldering, Reflow Ovens and Selective Soldering Machines Low Monthly Rates*
Spartan 8 or 12 Inch Waves - Spartan 8S, Spartan 12S $200 - $308 /month
14 Inch Wave Solder Machine - 14FS $405 - $530 /month
Three Zone Reflow Oven - GF-120-HT $248 - $292 /month
Four Zone Reflow Oven - 1800HT $370 - $425 /month
Six Zone Reflow Oven - 2000HT $465 - $525 /month
Selective Solder Machine - SPA-400 $868 /month

*Monthly rates are an estimate and based on 60 month leasing arrangement.

For more information on leasing options, phone 215-938-1000 and ask for our Sales Department.

Rental Options for Component Counters
DDM Novastar offers a convenient rental program for component counters. For further information on renting unit, please contact the company in your area.

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